Complex valve systems will often have parts that are out of stock from major manufacturers or are no longer in production. A single valve breakage could lead to extensive delays and costly downtime. With reverse engineering services from Valve Parts USA, you can have a newly rebuilt or recreated part to get your system up and running again. Reverse engineering is a process of disassembling, analyzing, and recreating parts without access to design files or original specifications, which allows unknown or hard-to-find components to be re-made.

We specialize in complete repair, rebuild, and reverse engineering services for hard-to-source parts and out-of-production components. With Valve Parts USA, no part is considered obsolete!

Reverse Engineering

For over 30 years, our engineering and design team has specialized in examining and reverse engineering old and specialized valve components. We can rebuild parts from multiple different manufacturers, including Fisher components, so you have updated, high-performing parts for your valve systems. If you have a broken or failing valve, process equipment component, or regulator, send it to our team and get a like-new product back.

Our Reverse Engineering Process
We provide complete turnkey solutions for reverse engineering and product recreation.

  1. Send us your broken part for a rebuild.
  2. Our engineering team will disassemble and analyze the specifications of the component.
  3. We’ll rebuild the part so it’s back in working order by following these steps:
    1. Bead blast the component to remove grime, buildup, and damaged surface material
    2. Paint the component to cover the underlying material in a protective coating
    3. Remachine the trim, flange, and other stainless steel components that undergo the most wear and need to be failure-proof for optimal performance
    4. Install new seals and gaskets
  4. Before sending your like-new component back to your facility, we put it through thorough testing for performance and safety. This includes hydrostatic testing, seat leak testing, and more to ensure it complies with ANSI standards for your industry.

Contact Valve Parts USA Ltd Today to Start Your Reverse Engineering Project

Our reverse engineering services are available for everything ranging from out-of-production valves to specialty trims and soft parts. Contact our team today to learn more about our reverse engineering services and how to take the next step in rebuilding or recreating essential components for your systems.